White hat or Black hat

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Guy Levine
on 9/5/08

No, the team at web marketing advisor has not gone mad, we are talking about two kinds of rules that exist in the search engine optimisation world. Let’s take a look!

Black hat. This is where things start getting down and dirty. Our definition of black hat is doing things that the search engines don’t want you to do, in fact sometimes going against their terms of service. So since when have we turned into little angels! Since Google started removing site from their index who play dirty.

Here are some of the basic no-no’s which our clients always seem to suggest to us! Writing keywords over and over again. Writing your keywords in the same colour as your website background, so people can’t see them, but the search engines can. Fake pages which users never see. Screen scraping. Massive automated sites. The fact is if you play dirty, you better be prepared for the consequences!

The basics of white hat. Write your site as naturally as possible. Make sure the wording makes sense to the search engines and people. Include good meta descriptions. Work the blog scene, join in the discussions and add value to get incoming links.

So black hat baaaad, and white hat good! The choice is yours!