Why won't my Google Local Business listing appear?

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By Dave Ashworth
on 6/10/09

Last week I decided to check up on the performance of our Google Local Business listing to see how it was performing since a few recent tweaks were carried out – to my surprise, it was not appearing on the maps for local based searches which seemed relevant to our listing.

Upon logging into the control panel, I was greeted with the following alert:

Google Business Listing flagged for approval

This had me baffled, there was something in that listing that Google wanted to give the once over before going live –rather than sit around waiting for Matt Cutts to give it the thumbs up I decided to investigate further.

In doing so, I came across this article which seemed to suggest a “turn it off and on again” approach whereby you deleted most of your description, save, reinsert description and save again.

I wasn’t too sure this would be the solution but having deemed it worthy of an article by the author, it obviously worked for him, I decided to give this method a go – surprisingly, it worked.Well, sort of.

Having re-read the company description, it occurred to me that when listing our services the keywords “Google” and “Adwords” were included when describing our Google Adwords Campaign Management service  – on the off chance I removed these, resubmitted and what do you know, the listing is now live:

Live Google Business Listing

Therefore, if your business listing is not appearing, double check the keywords, there may be something in there that Google wants to check first. You could wait for them to do so, but my advice would be to just remove them completely.