Why you shouldn't overlook Paid Search in your 2013 Digital Strategy.

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Rachel Smith
on 14/11/12



Paid Search is frequently the overlooked strategy when it comes to online marketing. Many business owners will often baulk at the idea of paying for each visitor that comes to their site. There is no doubting that PPC isn't the ‘cool kid’ in the online marketing playground - it’s all about number crunching and grinding out a return for your investment with tables and endless Excel sheets.

There are a number of reasons your business should consider Paid search as the go-to medium when building a new online business or looking to improve your current online offering.


Market Research: What better way to undertake research for an SEO campaign than seeing exactly how specific keywords perform at the top position of the results? Sure you have to pay for it, but you may get an instant return and find out exactly what keywords are going to get you results six months down the line. You can build a huge data set in the space of two months to help formulate your whole digital marketing plan across a number of platforms.

Visibility:  Utilising all the features in Paid search, you can potentially list your Ad, sub-category pages, pictures of your products, phone numbers and even your location on a map. This is visibility and variety you just don’t get from other sources. Learn to use it creatively and you can build all kinds of new sources of traffic for your site.

Content Acid Test: It is hard to know exactly what you need to put into the content on your new site as there is no way of gauging exactly what messages entice new customers. Unless, you can incorporate these messages into your PPC campaign and your ad text before putting your neck on the line and having to change it months down the line onsite. Knowing what buzz words create conversions can help you create killer on-site content on new pages.

Cure your onsite issues: The beauty of a Paid Ad is the ability to bring in customers you choose to a page you want them to go to. Not many forms of advertising online or offline can help you to do this. You can build a dedicated and optimised landing page that can convert customers with testimonials, special offers and psychological trust builders to get your offering into the marketplace.  The beauty of this is the ability to get a new product live and get results overnight.

Follow your customers out of the digital shop door: If a customer leaves a shop on the high Online Shopping
street, following them down the street with products you’re selling would be considered stalking.
However, on the internet this phenomenon is rife with the use of Remarketing. This tool allows you to follow and bring back customers you may previously have lost by retargeting them with banner ads on other sites. Use this as a recapture tool, or failing that, a great form of cheap branding to people interested in your product.


The bottom line for any new business owner is: If you can get over the initial fear of paying for a click, then you can conduct some great research and get some results to apply to other forms of digital advertising. This can help get your new business off the ground, and who knows you might even make a little money….