Webinar: Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing.

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By Beth Moore
on 11/3/13


There are plenty of buzz words within the online marketing industry - The most prolific of Content Imagewhich is the term ‘content marketing’. It may sound like a no brainer for effective marketing, so why does it fail?

All too often, businesses create a great piece of content that is beautifully designed, interesting and informative, but it is not made with any clear aims or objectives in mind. When this is the case, you can’t expect sales, even if it’s a fancy infographic you’ve produced. Similarly, you’re not going to gain social shares if you’re primary campaign is offline.

It’s about finding the appropriate content, for your relevant target audience, and setting yourself a goal you want to achieve upfront.  Failing to do this is a waste of time and, perhaps more importantly, money.

Head of Digital Marketing, Justin Butcher explains the top reasons why content can fail and how to go about create appropriate engaging content for your audience. In this 30 minute lunchtime webinar we will cover:

1) The top reasons why content marketing fails

2) How to create great content that your audience wants to read and share

3) The best strategy to get outstanding results and a ROI on your marketing activity


Join us FREE on Thursday 28th  March  1.00 pm – 1.30 pm


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