Windows 7 was Family Guy's idea!

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By Dave Ashworth
on 25/11/09

You've seen all the adverts going around on TV at the moment, with some random member of the public claiming that a feature in Windows was their idea.  I have nothing against these adverts, they're ok, they're trying to reach out to Joe Public with the message that Windows is for everyone and it will make your life easier.  No doubt it will have the desired effect but these sort of adverts have never done anything for me.

Brand Placement too, never quite got it myself.  Don't get me wrong, I understand the power of it, but I've never watched for example a Bond movie and thought I must get a new Sony Ericsson phone given how it just got Bond out of a tight corner with it's ability to drive his car for him (that's how I recall it  happening in Die Another Day).

However, as a big Family Guy fan I was surprised to see Microsoft make their way into the show with some not so subtle product placement.  What's more surprising is that Microsoft chose the show - their current TV ads are very family orientated whilst this a show that's been axed more than once in the US due to it's risque content.  But I guess that's the idea behind it, reaching out to a different demographic.  I am pretty sure this move will prove to be a success for Microsoft, I am certain it will be a lucrative one for Seth McFarlane!

For the record, despite loving Family Guy, I'm not getting Windows 7.

Do enjoy the clips though: