Yahoo! UK Searches Switch Over To Bing Results

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 4/8/11

It was released that Yahoo! is moving the back-end technology of their Yahoo! search over to Microsoft’s Bing Platform. It apparently went live yesterday and started with various different stages. It is also known that Spain, Italy, Germany and France are also making this change.

This essentially means that the results will be powered by Microsoft’s search engine, although paid searches will remain as they currently are. This transition has already been made across the waters in America, which took place over a year ago as part of Yahoo! and Microsoft’s joint Search Alliance to take on Google. The two companies finalised their alliance in December 2009 and secured regulatory clearance in the US and Europe in February 2010. They set the date of early 2012 to have this alliance fully in place outside of the US.

However Google simply takes over the UK search market accounting for 88.7% of all searches, compared of Yahoo’s 3.9% and Bing’s 4%, according to comScore data for June. To give everyone a guide to switching, Yahoo! has provided some advice to achieve the best SEO results:

- Compare your organic search rankings on Yahoo! Search and Bing for the keywords that drive your business, help determine any potential impact to your traffic and sales

- Decide if you’d like to modify your paid search campaigns to compensate for any changes in organic referrals that you anticipate

- Review the Bing webmaster tools and optimise your website for the Bing crawler, to help ensure your site is prominently listed in both Yahoo! and Bing organic search result

Along with this they have been keen to highlight the following, 'Please note that Yahoo! is NOT transitioning paid search results at this time, and you should continue managing your Yahoo! Search Marketing account as usual. Let us know what you think of this change and whether it is going to affect you.