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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 5/10/11

You probably don't want to know what Guy our CEO had for lunch, but it show's how powerful social media really is. For the few who do want to know, Guy decided on a Yo Sushi. After Guy rolled back in the office with a beaming smile, it was soon wiped off only to discover he had no soy sauce or wasabi to accompany his sushi. Like any other digital marketer would do, he decided to turn to Twitter:


After an hour Guy had a reply:


This post was soon followed up by a call from our receptionist about 20 minutes ago. We had a delivery downstairs of some free sushi, and enough wasabi and soy sauce to last us till the end of the year.

This really shows how powerful social media platforms are and how it can act as a form of customer retention, and especially how important social media monitoring and management is. It would have been very easy for another brand to not even know this conversation was being broadcast!

Guy has been a fan since he shared the stage with Yo Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe a few years ago, when Simon thought Guy was the sound engineer. Guy does dress like a sound engineer but I suppose all those digital entrepreneurs who made in the dot com boom do!

Thanks again Yo Sushi! for the afternoon pick me up.